Take your event to the next level with Luxury Flush!

Event planners love Luxury Flush porta potty restrooms for their corporate events. Whether you have 25 guests or 500, 1,000 to 175,000:+, our 2 station, 3 station, 5 station, 6 station, or 10 station and ADA accessible luxury porta potty restrooms will fit the bill! Our luxurious trailers have been rented by coporation like Skechers, Coachella, Ferrari, Fox Sports News, CES and many more! Take your event to the next level with Luxury Flush!

Call or email us today and let us help you determine the best luxury restroom for your next event, large or small!

What size luxury porta potty do I need for my event?

Luxury Flush is known as the industry’s #1 provider of porta potty restrooms for upscale corporate events, outdoor concerts, festivals, and parties.  At Luxury Flush, we understand the details that go into making your event a success and can cater to all size events.

Smaller events such as backyard parties, or picnics may require a smaller unit such as our 2 station luxury porta potty. Larger events such as festivals, fun runs, outdoor concerts, beachside events, or tournaments many need a large volume porta potty for attendees like our 10 station portable trailer, or our ADA handicap-accessible porta potty.

How much does it cost to rent a luxury porta potty restroom?

Many factors will end up impacting the price of renting a luxury porta potty for your event. Questions you should consider include:

  1. How many guests will you have at your event?
  2. Is there a higher proportion of women to men?
  3. What is the total number of hours of your event?
  4. Will there be drinking?
  5. Do you have power or additional lighting needs?
  6. Do you desire to have an on-site restroom attendant?

Pricing for a luxury flush rental would typically range between $750 and $1500 for an 8-hour event with 25-200 guests. For an additional cost, Luxury Flush offers restroom attendants, exterior glow bug lights and event logo branding on all trailers.

To receive the most accurate pricing for your next event, please consider contacting our luxury flush event specialists.