A few months ago, the City of Pasadena contacted Louis Downey, founder, and president of Luxury Flush. They had a request that he couldn’t refuse.

“Pasadena is providing shower trailers for homeless people in their city,” shared Louis. “They asked if we would service their multiple trailers throughout the City of Pasadena and pump them at cost. Weekly, Luxury Flush team members clean and sanitize each trailer in order to provide a clean environment for those who are using them and provides septic pumping for all the trailers. We are happy to partner with the city to help people who are in a bad situation.”

During Louis’ time as a firefighter, he saw many people who were living without a home. He met many people who struggled, and this is a way he can give back.

“So many people who find themselves homeless simply don’t have the support network of family and friends to help,” continued Louis. “Partnering to provide the dignity of a warm shower and opportunity for them to do their laundry is the right thing to do. I have a heart for people and we are supposed to love everyone – no matter their circumstance,” shared Louis. “We can’t assume that we know what someone is struggling with or where their story has taken them, but we can do our part to help and show love.”

Luxury Flush provides a variety of luxury porta potty restroom trailers, add-ons, and shower rentals, as well as daily and weekly septic pumping through their sister company, All in Sanitation.

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